Re-imagining your approach to Resource Mobilization - watch the full webinar

With Sareta Thomas and Rose Maruru

The financial position for many organizations has drastically changed during the last couple of months. The global pandemic had major consequences for revenue streams to non-profit organization across the African continent - whether your income is derived from governments, foundations, companies or individual supports. With the increasing competition for a limited pool of NGO funding, developing an effective financing strategy and resource mobilization plan have become vital in today’s development arena. Know the trends. Find the opportunities. Re-imagine your approach to resource mobilization.

Sareta Thomas - Speaker
Regional Director of Southern and Western Africa, Humentum

Sareta is a senior financial professional with 14 years International NGO experience based in Pretoria, South Africa, and has worked with Humentum (formerly Mango) since 2004. Sareta is one of the senior trainers qualified to run Humentum’s Training for Finance Trainers course. Sareta also works as a financial management consultant, advising NGO finance teams on best practice in financial management and providing training for project staff. She has delivered more than 140 Mango training courses and undertaken consultancies for NGO staff and local partners in over 20 African countries and other countries in Asia /Pacific.

Rose Maruru - Speaker
Co-founder and CEO of EPIC Africa

Rose Maruru is the co-founder and CEO of EPIC Africa, a Senegal-based nonprofit startup working to increase development impact by filling critical data and capacity gaps in the African philanthropic market. Rose has more than 25 years experience in programming, partnership development, fundraising, and capacity building. She has worked as a consultant for Oxfam International and the African Development Bank, and operations director at Trust Africa.

Watch the full webinar